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First Aid training consultancy

             What you need and where to get it

  • Risk assessment

  • Gap analysis

  • Teaching guides

  • Lesson plans

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Training materials       

  • Videos

  • Voice overs

  • First Aid manuals


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Greg Page YouTube
Heart attack treatment
000 or 911?
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Emergency + app
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Heart attack / arrest
CPR and Covid

Training courses​  

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Child care
Aged care
baby care first aid
Advanced resuscitation
CPR / First Aid
Aged care
Other courses

Survivor Training specialises in on site corporate and group training


Not just "ticking boxes"


Experienced paramedic professionals come to your venue and tailor the course specifically for your work environment making  it more relatable and easier to recall in an emergency

If you choose, you may select specific scenarios and the level of intensity for your workplace


Hard copy First Aid manuals for every participant included 

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