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Qualified Paramedics delivering quality training

Tony Coffey

Survivor Training began as Survivor Emergency Care Training and was established in
2003 by principle Trainer Assessor and Facilitator Tony Coffey.
Tony is a Registered Paramedic who holds a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and has been passionate about lifesaving and training since 1991.

He has been a lifeguard for 10 years as well as a volunteer lifesaver since 1994 and, during that time, filled numerous education, training and assessment roles as well as executive positions with major volunteer organisations.
Tony has been delivering First Aid and emergency training professionally since 1998 as well as designing and delivering training courses to meet the requirements of specific industries, workplaces and culturally and linguistically diverse groups since 2003.
He is the author of several First Aid manuals and training recourses widely used in Australia and SE Asia and in 2014 co-founded Survival Skills Vietnam, a social enterprise company,  to make lifesaving skills available to schools, corporations and public throughout the country.

Gain confidence
Training brought to you

Having the confidence to react in the correct way has major benefits. Correct First Aid:

Increases Safety – Awareness of potential consequences can encourage a safer environment

Saves Lives – The first few minutes are vital in a life threatening situation

Relieves Pain – Some injuries it could be a simple matter of correct positioning of the victim or applying cold or heat to the affected area as appropriate

Promotes Healing – By applying correct First Aid scarring may be reduced, and Medical professionals could be better able to minimise long term recovery

Prevents Situations Becoming Worse –  A First Aid trained person would know how to provide initial treatment to prevent deterioration until medical help can be obtained

Onsite training - we come to you

  • Aged Care Facilities

  • Child Care Facilities

  • Offices

  • Factory

  • Work Site

  • Your home

Just organise a group of 10 and we bring the training to you.

Tailored lesson plans

Although the content in Certificate courses are standardised throughout Australia, we know, from years of experience, that there are many variables to a situation.

People who work in Aged Care facilities face specific challenges which can be quite different to those working in Childcare. 

Parents with newborns and children face many potential hazards in the home.

Specific workplaces also have common workplace injuries.

Our public courses incorporate these variables to suit our learners needs.


“Practical, meaningful, memorable and a fun day. I now have the confidence to react and help my family and friends”

- Virginia, North Ryde

"I've been updating my CPR and First Aid certificate for 15 years and this was the best one ever. I actually learned new things. Thank you  Tony "

- Andrew, Sutherland

“Great presenter, very knowledgeable and engaging”

- Kylie, Oyster Bay

"A mixed group, including 2 GPs and the trainer kept everyone engaged. His depth of knowledge was evident but explanations clear, concise and memorable. I wish my University lecturers could have done that."

 - Dr Rami, Rockdale

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