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Don’t have all day to sit in class?
First aid refresher in 2 hours

First aid full course in 4 hours

Blended learning is for you

Online learning first aid

CPR in 1 hour
First aid refresher in 2 hours
First aid full course in 4 hours
Childcare first aid in 4 hours

Online theory when it suits you

Small class sizes to ensure thorough practical session 

Included in every course, free  for you to keep:

  • Keyring CPR face shields

  • Hard copy First Aid manual

Fully accredited courses

Class sizes strictly limited
Book now

Corporate and group training specialists
Flat rates for groups from 1 to 25 learners

Tony Coffey is a Paramedic who has been passionate about First Aid and emergency training since 1995 in Australia and overseas.


Still an active patrolling member with Surf Lifesaving, training and assessing new members he divides his time between Australia and Vietnam with Survival Skills Vietnam, a social enterprise company he co-founded in 2014, bringing First Aid skills and knowledge to the masses through skilled trainers and volunteers, online learning and television and print media.


“Having both skills and confidence to act is the key to being able to respond in an emergency.

That is goal for all my learners, and can generally achieve this”

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Most participants in First Aid courses do so because it is a requirement for their work.

We know you are busy and, particularly if you are updating your First Aid qualifications year after year, finding the time to allocate a full day to attend a training class can be difficult. Especially when you have multiple qualifications that need to be refreshed.


Blended learning may be just right for you. First aid in 2 hours.


By refreshing your theory knowledge on line, at a time that is convenient for you and at your own pace, and, after having already completed the theory assessment, the face to face component is short, sharp and relevant. 


There is no need to repeat the entire course.


All of the practical assessment tasks and scenarios are done efficiently and without “padding” 

Of course our experienced trainers are there to answer all of your questions and to provide further assistance if required to ensure you leave fully confident in your own ability to act appropriately in the event of an emergency.


Blended learning is not suitable for everyone.


Some people would be more suited to a longer version more face to face training, particularly if they have never completed a First Aid  or CPR course before or if English is not their primary language.

Some people are more tactile learners and would benefit more “hands on” or repetition.


With 30 years experience in first aid and emergency care training, our goal at Survivor Training is to have all of our learners armed with the skill, knowledge  and especially, confidence to care for a family member, colleague or even a stranger in an emergency situation until medial help is available.

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